The harvest is great says the Lord, but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37..).  We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We are called to shine our light so as to transform the lives of people and to bring them to Christ. As ambassadors for Christ, we respond cheerfully and freely to the call of God to work in his vineyard. Although challenging, but most rewarding because of the heavenly rewards that we receive and the fulfillment of experiencing the joy of serving the Lord in our daily ministries.

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The Superior General and Pre-Novices
This is the first stage of initial formation that a girl undertakes when she makes her intentions known that the Lord is calling her. This stage is called  Pre-Noviciate and the duration is for one year.
During the second stage of formation, the pre-novice is clothed with a blue veil and a white habit. During this period, she is confined to the Novitiate environs where she studies a life of solitude, prayer and community for two years.
  Above is a cross section of HHCJ Novices joyfully singing at one of the Congregation's ceremony at the Mother House' Prince of Peace Chapel in NIgeria, West Africa.
This is a cross section of Professed Sisters who have dedicated their lives totally and unreservedly to the love and service of God through the Profession of Evangelical Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, by dedicating their time and talents with one another in community living, sharing everything in common and praying with one heart and mind.
You Too Can Be A Missionary Sister!!!

Do you have Enthusiasm for Mission? YES YOU DO!

       Before you were born, in your mother's womb,
  like Jeremiah, the Lord has deigned that you be his missionary
to proclaim to the world God's Love.
Why not NOW?

Please consider joining over 50 young women training to become missionaries as Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus and over 800 professed Handmaids who are serving the Lord worldwide.

If you are a Catholic, Female, Single and aged between 18 and 28, we invite you to join us.
Please send us your information without any obligation

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May the Holy Spirit descend upon you and guide you in your discernment process.