Mission Development Office

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. Established in Nigeria, in 1931.       
  We’ve aided the less fortunate for over 75 years now. Many of those we help get back on their feet and start their 
  lives anew.  By the grace of God, and with your generosity, we are able to continue to witness to God's love through  
various ministries in Education, Health Care, Pastoral and Social work. But due to limited financial resources and  
humanpower, we are obliged to invite you to participate in the much needed ministries handed down to us by the
Apostles and Prophets.

                                                                                 Using your  gifts to change  and bless the lives of many.

               The Office of Mission Development is dedicated to cultivating goodwill men and women that will give their time, talents and treasures in support of the
              works undertaken by the Handmaids across the world in the name of Jesus Christ. The Sisters strive to maintain mutual respect, constant and effective
                                                            communication and responsible accountability over gifts received gratefully from donors.

        As you are well aware, we are a charitable Order that depends solely on donations to continue our work of evangelization and to aid those less fortunate in
          our society. We gladly need and appreciate any and all donations that you wish to give. Because we, the Sisters are challenged daily to act rigorously and
            proactively to help the suffering poor of our world, we must appeal for  funds. These funds all go directly to aiding the suffering poor such as those living
              in abject poverty in all of Africa.

                                                                    Donations may be sent via check or money order through our mailing address.
                                              Mission Development Office, P.O.Box 740099, Houston, Texas 77274. Thank you for your generosity.
                                                                                                  Other services:

                                                                                                           Lenten Appeal:
  During the period of penitence, we give our friends, family and donors the opportunity to give alms for the services
of the poor and underprivileged of our society. These funds help us to provide education for the youth,
HIV/Aids education to men and women and the need to protect themselves and others from further spreading of
the disease.


  Because of the many challenges facing the poor of Africa, this office needs constant financial help to sustain the services rendered and keep alive the spirit of love and compassion for the poor and needy which Christ has entrusted to our care. Therefore, in order to meet these growing challenges and needs of our time, this office seeks grants from private foundations to support the projects and programs established by the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus. We acknowledge with sincerely gratitude the many supports we have received from Scanlan Foundation, Koch Foundation, Majella Foundation, Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, Raskob Foundation, Cornelius Family Foundation, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word (CCVI Houston), Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and many other Dioceses and Archdioceses across the United States of America that have provided us with financial assistance through incorporating us and giving us the opportunity to participate in the Missionary Cooperative Plan.
May God richly bless you and your generous parishioners.


                                                                                  Sponsorship: Spiritual and Financial

We give Catholics and people of goodwill the opportunity to care for our future generations especially children who are left orphans, whose parents died of HIV/Aids and are left alone with nothing and without hope for a better future. An opportunity to sponsor a child's education, spiritual and temporal needs, gives our donors the chance to participate in the work of Christ. A heavenly reward awaits those who consider those poor children their own and provide for a  better future for them. We cater for over twenty (20) single mothers and some orphans and motherless babies who have been abandoned after delivery in dumpsters, on the streets, in the gutters, etc. As Handmaids, filled with God's grace and animated by charity to do God's will, we are called and we answer "Here I am Lord" and we go forward unreservedly and without doubting God's providence, to do God's will with no havasack or charge. These vulnerables mentioned above need our love, they need us to give them life and in abundance as it is God's design. We call on you so that together we can change our world and create a new, our lives for the glory of God.


                                                                      Volunteering in Africa:
     Jesus went about performing miracles, curing all illnesses, converting sinners and giving people opportunity to repent. As Children of God, we are called to demonstrate our love for Christ by doing something practicable. This is one of the concrete ways that we live our faith and our creed which was handed down to us by the Apostles who walked in the footsteps of their Master and Savior Jesus Christ.
     The Handmaids have various opportunities for services in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone. There are schools for deaf, blind and mute children in Ogoja, Vandeikya and Lagos, all in Nigeria; There is a Boarding school for orphans and girls in Kenya; to mention but a few. It makes a lot of difference to the lives of the children to see and witness to love made manifest by volunteers who come from far away countries to serve without any pay. You are indeed models of love and compassion. And since our lives as Handmaids are based on love and service, we will be grateful for more volunteers to visit our ministry locations across Africa.


                                                                                                     Medication Drive:
   Because of the prevalence of water diseases, such as cholera; fever such as thyphoid fever, Malaria, etc, we need all kinds of Over-the-Counter medication to eradicate sudden death. These medications could be sent via our headquarters in Houston, Texas and will be delivered and distributed among our rural clinics in Africa. Our standard of medical facilities need improvement to provide the ultimate medical care for our people. We request for used hospital equipments, that are in good working condition and are no longer needed in the developed nations, so that we can continue to provide the care that is much needed.

                                                                               Feeding Families through Animal Farm produce:
During this difficult economic times, we must stand together, work together and walk together to create a universe of love, peace and justice through our unity in the spirit and action. There are many families who need  empowerment by providing them with domestic resources to aid in their daily living.

   Ten chickens or Hen can lay up to 300 eggs per year and some of these eggs could be used for food such as scramble eggs. The extra eggs could be sold for money or allowed to be hatched for chicks and the cycle continues. Through this empowerment, a family can earn money for their other necessities. We encourage you to invite your neighbors, family members or friends to join you in providing for one family in Africa and pay for ten chickens for them. The cost of ten chickens is only $50 and if 10 families join together to provide for one poor family a set of 10 layer chickens, these will empower that poor family and give them something to look forward to every day in the poultry farm and they will sell the eggs and continue the business all year round. By so doing, you have touched the lives of many and given them life in abundance. Remember that God has promised that anyone that gives to the poor, that person's kindness will last forever. 



Dairy Goats and Cows are raised for milk and meat. One goat/cow can provide gallons of healthy milk, manure for fertilizing the soil for farming. In Africa, goats/cows are easy to raise and reproduce their young twice or sometimes three times a year. Goat meat and beef makes for staple meat for every African and few of the delicacies enjoyed by all for festivities such as marriage ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. To sponsor the rearing of a goat for one family's livelihood will go a long way to enhance a family's living status and will provide fund for their daily living, and extra money to pay for a child's school fees. One goat costs $50 and would require two goats for reproduction and the second goat costs $50 as well.
   Additionally, when a goat reproduces, it is passed on to another family to start rearing which gives hope to poor families. It is very important that we utilize God's creatures to enhance the livelihood of every human person.

A gift of $100 for one family will provide for their daily need and educate a child for a better and brighter future. Thank you for considering to empower a family in Africa. Your charitable contribution will be richly rewarded by the Almighty who sees all that you do in his name.  One cow costs $150 and would equally produce enough calf for a family to rear and get funds for living and other expenses. Please consider this a gracious avenue to reach out to our needy brothers and sisters. Thank you very much and may God richly bless you.



These children
need your financial help.
They live in camps in Kenya and
to enducate one child costs $550 a year for Tuition and books.
Boarding costs $150 a year.
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Sister Appolonia feeds a young calf in Kaptagat, Kenya where many poor depend on our sisters for assistance.
Sister Caroline, a  Kenyan Handmaid Sister feeds  orphans at the Rescue Center in Kenya.