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 We are The Sisters of the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus.                                                                                                                                                Thank you for taking the time to visit our cyber home. We hope you will enjoy our
  hospitality and find useful information and resources that will enable you to join us
 in our efforts to make a difference in the world especially, in the lives of our poor 
 and vulnerable brothers and sisters and to continue the spread of the Good News. 
 May you receive the fullness of grace as you read through the pages. God bless you.

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Sister Felicia distributing holy rosary to amputees in Sierra Leone in the amputee village.
Sister Eucharia enables Romeo, the blind young man to learn Braille at St. Francis School for Deaf and Blind, Nigeria. Thanks to this School, without which many youngsters who have been inflicted with these illnesses are left to roam the streets hopelessless. 

In our health care ministry, we are called to bring Christ's healing to the Sick to experience the fullness of life in soul, mind and body. Here Sister Mary attends to a sick boy in Nigeria.
Life is a gift. Here Sister Lucy rejoices as a new life is given in the infant. Through her dedication to the sick of Houston, Texas, USA, Sister Lucy serves the poor and marginalized to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle.
Sister Agatha teaches sowing at Fatima House of Light, Freetown, Sierra Leone to many young women to empower them for self sufficiency. After the devastation caused by a decade of war in Sierra Leone, where many  young women were battered and abused.
Sister Gertrude also in Sierra Leone teaches the young girls the art of praying the Holy Rosary. These girls are housed at the Convent because they were displaced by the unrest in the country and were forced into child labors at a very tender age of Six. 
Peace on Earth!!!